We have always focused on the needs of a client who wants to invest. We had to create everything that he needed to do so.

Victor Remsha
Chairman of the Board at Finam Investment Holding

Media publications
November 7, 2014 Forbes

Technology of Risk: What Investors Are Looking For on the Venture Market

Victor Remsha, the owner of investment holding FINAM, points out that it is profitable and interesting to invest in venture projects, as “a good venture project always involves a fresh look at the solution to any given problem. Most often this is a unique solution which, if topical and properly handled, can help the promoters capture a substantial market share. More precisely, it will help create a niche and then fill it in”.

June 27, 2013 Vedomosti

Some hard, but interesting times, lie ahead of us

We would like to focus our efforts on what we can do best, i.e. create retail products and market them. For this reason, I think that in the first place we need to build a global company. Retail brokerage services are to a large extent IT and marketing. And what is typical for IT business, it moves across boundaries very fast. Meanwhile, being a retail brokerage only in Russia is a short-sighted strategy. Therefore our goal is to turn the company into a global player and, exploiting our knowledge and experience, to provide the public with as many instruments and opportunities as possible to execute transactions on the market

April 13, 2009 Kommersant Dengi

Shares are the only valuable item, the rest is just colored paper

If short selling is banned in the West, this is done only for a short period of time just for hedge funds that were initially set up to trade on the downside. In times of crisis they (betting on a downturn) usually report quite handsome profit. And this forms to a chain where they offer decent returns, clients put more money in them and they continue to trade to the downside on a wider scale. Needless to say, movements of a heavyweight fund leave their trace on the market. But we have no market players of this kind. We do have private speculative players that build their strategies taking into account short selling. And this adds momentum to the market and confidence that movements are market-based rather than artificial in nature.

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